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Wireless Table Power​

See why this revolutionary technology is transforming ​ordinary tables into Dynamic Tables.​

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Offer your guests the convenience of device charging at the table.

Solutions to transform ordinary tables into an extraordinary guest experience


We have several options for having a wireless charger for your restaurant with or without nearby power outlets

1.Order new tables & bar tops with our wireless charger

2.Retrofit your existing table & bar tops during remodeling

3.Install our table & bar top hybrid wireless charger without table & bar top modification

4.Place a standalone secure wireless charger without table & bar top modification




No power outlet nearby? Tables need to be moved around daily? No problem.

We have designed our technology to be compatible for any table or bar top area. You can have all wired chargers connected to an AC outlet, link additional chargers (DynaPower), or run all your chargers on battery power (DynaBattery).


Guest Room Recharged

Wake up recharged with our convenient in room wireless chargers

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